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Hey world! Im Tori Shalea’ a mother, entrepreneur, and working on the title “official blogger”.  I started a blog a few years ago called iklectic’s kloset where i focussed on fashion  and thrift hauls. My blog was actually pretty cool. (my domain expired so i am finding bits and pieces from the web via google lol iklecticskloset) It was my mid -20s ; a young woman who was   fearlessly fashionable ,BUT so freakin serious. As most projects I tend to get myself into,….I became scattered , caught up with perfectionism  that i could no longer provide efficient content.  I was soo concerned with followers, and trying to keep up with other “poppin” bloggers at the time. This was a moment when i was still finding myself…so i regrettably left the blog world.

With such responsiblities that comes along with being an entrepreneur and single mother, I   have always  struggled a great deal with balance. I am already all over the place mentally, so lets just add my day to days to the equation, and you get a stessed out ME. Stress has always been that annoying sibiling i wished i never had in my life. Whether self induced or through life happenings, at times, I allowed anxiety to keep me from being happy.

Fast forward to my enlightening 30’s , where i have come to accept a great deal of mysef , i have gotten to a place where i am seeking  quality of life.  I have reached yet another transition period in my life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritualy.  I experienced this when i was turning 30 , but i thought i was not due again until 40. (sheesh) This  new chapter has brought on its own strains, but im feelling the  shift. I have no idea of whats in store, but i feel something  great is going to come of it. Perhaps this blog , more clarity, or perhaps a higher being of self may be apart of the reward. What i do know is that i am changing, while embracing who i have always been.

In my twenties i could only offer you fashion tips, but in my thirties, i have life lessons, love stories, voyages, creative spaces, AND my style to share.  I can not gurantee that  you  will be interested beyond this post,  but i offer you a complementary popcorn and two  front row seat tickets to the movie of my Unorthodox life as “The ArtYstic Type”.

Be beautiful people













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A mother and entrepreneur finding balance through artistic expression.

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