Southern Goods


Southern Goods Houston.


Took my talents and appetite to Southern Goods today for my weekly Brunch. Brunch is a very important part of my life as it has become one of my MUST DO’s. I started seriously(lol) brunching about two years ago with a friend.  We would try a different spot every Sunday , and if we did not like our experience , we would go back to one of our favorite places.

This was not my first time at Southern Goods, as I went once before with some friends.  I had a lot to do so wanted to come somewhere I knew would not be busy. Located in the heart of the Heights on 19th and Shepard,Southern Goods has a modern – industrial  design concept  with uses of woods, metals and neutral tones. These elements certainly provide a very calm atmosphere. Anyone could go here with friends or do the solo thing, due to it having almost a small coffee shop feel. They have a cool patio area too(which was awesome due to the weather). Mimosa you say?


I ordered the CORNBREAD BENEDICT, which was a traditional Benedict  with a modern twist. I would not consider this the best option on their menu as it was a bit bland, little to no meat, and unfairly portioned. However, the cornbread was really good ,which honestly was the highlight of my meal. I can’t say it was the best, but I would go back for the cornbread! Those that know me… know I loooove a Benedict.  I checked out some other dishes as they were bringing out orders to other customers and the CHICKEN FRIED STEAK looked good. (wanted to take a pic, but that would have just been creepy lol).


I brought my mini me with me today for brunch. I totally forgot how picky this kid was.. (le sigh). We settled for the SHORT STACK AND EGGS, which you don’t see pictured because she did not like it . Well ,in her defense , I did not either. They use cane syrup  instead of maple, and the flavor was just a bit off.  We requested the maple… and well…. it seemed to taste no better.  Perhaps we are just partial to AUNT JEMIMA. (KANYE shrug).  Bacon it was for Kayden today! This place is kid friendly, however it is a very limited brunch menu.  Not the worst, but certainly not one of my best picks for brunching… may have to give their lunch and or dinner a chance.

Customer service : Staff was very chilled, friendly, attentive

mimosas: $6 per glass or $24 for carafe

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