Don’t sweat it!

Sweats kind of day

She had gotten to a point where HE was no longer worth the sweat .


Sweats: H&M 

Scarf : Pitaya boutique (Dallas)


Soo… Yeah Houston has had some bipolar weather going on recently. This past weekend we finally got some cool temperatures riding in the 50’s. I was going to church and had a few errands to run so wanted to be warm , cute , but comfortable.  My church is pretty laid back so I opted for my favorite grey sweat harem pants from H&M . As extremely casual sweats can be, I actually love dressing them up. Who says they are only for tennis shoes ?  I was not quite ready to pop on pumps ,considering the temperature and the walking  I would be doing . So I decided to  rock my suede mustard boots I got from ZARA last year during their sale. For about 80 bucks. Here Is a similar boot for an awesome price. 

He still sweating me or nah?

I love these boots because they can go with a lot of things  due to their neutral color. This color is  a perfect fall color and tends to be my go to when boot shopping. The heel is not high so that is an added plus , making it ideal to do some running around.  My shirt is not shown but it was just a grey shirt plain tee (a good staple piece to have) .  

Wanted to bring some color and flare to my look so thought this scarf would tie the look together to my neutral pallet. I bought this scarf at a local boutique  in Dallas a few years back and by far it has become one of my favs. Places such as Zara , Marshalls, Target , and many others have great scarf selections . 

I could not complete this look without my Faaaav piece of all time. THE DENIM JACKET. I mean I can not count how many of these I have been through in life. I absolutely am denim cray cray !!!(I get it from my momma).  Denim just seems to add a cool effect to anything you wear… (Try it and see). This particular boyfriend jacket I also got from Zara  last year sometime and it will be staying with me for a while. I know Zara has had newer over sized jackets but Here is another one similar to mine. If you are patient and don’t mind a  little digging ,you just may find a great vintage one in your local thrift store in the Men’s section. (Your welcome 😉).  Here is another Sweat pants look I wore a while back in case you were having doubts . LOL. Have  fun and try something new .

                                     Be beautiful people 


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