Bar 5015 

Bar 5015 /Etta’s Kitchen Houston, Texas. “Crab Quiche”

Took my talents and appetite to Bar5015  For Sunday Brunch. I was not completely pleased with my dish from last week so as I usually do, I did a repeat to one of my favorite brunch spots. 

The experience:

This cute little bar off Almeda ,near the museum district in Houston ,Teaxs. 5015 is a great place to start your Sunday Funday. You will experience a laid back social setting on some Sunday’s , while others ,you just may catch yourself on the dance floor. The Djs are awesome.The bar scene is ideal for a brunch date ,small groups, or a solo Sunday out.(which is typically me). There are 2 patio decks that provide extra seating but due to high demand , seating is generally limited. (I recommend early arrival or RSVP). With the open patio in the front you are able to smoke cigars . (They usually have a cigar vendor ) Bar 5015 staff members are cool, witty,  and pretty prompt at getting your order. I have never had any issues with customer service here. If you are  wanting a quiet brunch… I would not recommend. 

The food:

I can honestly say the many of times I have had brunch here , I have NEVER been disappointed.  Etta’s kitchen provides the food for 5015. The menu is limited to 5-6 items , (good for me because I’m indecisive)but options change weekly keeping it interesting. I love the fact they always throw a twist on the menu. (Which is always good).  If you are uncertain , you will never fail with their Shrimp and grits , Belgian waffles or Oxtail fried rice.  I absolutely love crab so today was easy “the Crab Quiche please”! (Talk about excited)  The flavors and textures blended perfectly well. With the quiche being so savory , The house salad  was a great compliment to the dish. (homemade vinegarette w/ almonds over a bed of spinach)  I did not leave a crumb on my plate . I left wanting more as the portion size was fair. If you are looking for a more healthy /lighter meal then the crab quiche is a great option. (Men I suggest adding meat or waffle to this order).

Did I mention the drinks are poppin here too! 

To see what else is happening at bar 5015 during the week be sure to Follow them on IG and Etta’s.

                          Be beautiful people!

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