My Why , My Way!

A few weeks ago I sat down trying to get my blog and ideas organized . I knew that I was entering a new territory of blogging as it has a whole new set of rules. I began to research how to have an effective blog that would get followers, but all the articles and how-to’s I read seemed to all say the same thing. There was a lot of valuable information and tons of notes were taken. But ultimately I fell in like with the concept of doing a business plan for my blog.
 When I discovered the blogging world in 2010 , there seemed to be no rules nor complications. I just remember people writing what they felt in that moment. It felt pure. Fast forward 6 years later , and it has become somewhat cliche’ to call yourself a blogger . There are now unwritten rules and guidelines that can somewhat make or break your blog ratability . I figured since I’m a little late in the game I’d do all the researching I can, so that I as well as others would take my blog serious. I thought ” I can grow my blog just as such and such….”. Well in my moment of strategic planning , I realized a key component of the groundwork was missing…. It was missing ME. I have never really been a conformist. (Hell that’s why I opted for entrepreneurship versus corporate America after college. ) It was at this moment I realized that once again I was forcing myself to follow guidelines ,(that may have worked for many bloggers )as oppose to just doing me. I will admit that there was a lot of good advice and plenty of tools out there that would aid in building my blog brand , BUT I had to have a come to “Tori” moment . 

        “Who am I doing this blog for? 

        “Who was I writing to ?”

         “Am I in the race for followers and     

            notoriety ? ”

These were all the questions that the blog articles stressed but it didn’t seem to resonate until I got in front of my note pad.  
I mean the very thing that makes me, Me, is that I float to my own tune. I don’t seek attention. I have always been somewhat of an introvert, which ironically has worked for me in different aspects of my life. There has constantly been this obsession with perfection and innovation with me. My brain is always trying to figure out “the best way”. My mind is a web browser with 341 tabs open . Unfortunately, this conduct has brought on anxiety frequently. The same anxiety I had when relaunching my blog . 
 I have accomplished a lot in life, but I felt like something was missing…. When asked what was my dream job… I responded. ” creative director “. I’m sure you are asking creative director of what? Well hell I thought at some point a creative director for a fashion magazine , or marketing firm…. But I did not go that path due to my defiance. The title however, has played a role in my current career as a hairstylist, but it has its limits.(can’t you tell I don’t like limits lol) But I realize I can be a creative director in my own right through blogging . So it’s time to put the pen down and shut down the 341 tabs.   
So to answer myself 
I am a woman who needs a creative outlet… A women who is receptive of structure but despises boundaries

A women who has multi- layered passions, interests, and outlooks on life

A woman who dances outside the box to her own music

A woman who embraces life’s randomness 

A woman who is seeking peace and balance

A woman who is misunderstood 

A woman who poetically expresses herself

A woman who strives to be the creative director of her life. 
This is the woman I am and the woman I write to and for!  


My Way ,My Why!
Be beautiful people!

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A mother and entrepreneur finding balance through artistic expression.

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