Rainbow Lodge

Rainbow Lodge (Houston ,Tx)
Took my talents and appetite on over to Rainbow Lodge for Brunch this Sunday . I’ve been having this place on my list for a while. After driving by it several times , I decided to give it a try.When arriving I was amazed at how this place really looked like a lodge from the outside -in. It  felt like the perfect place to be considering the weather was muggy. I felt as if I should have been greeted with hott cocoa . The build and decor  is very woody with traditional elements. It gave a very earthy and serene feel. There was a calm -laid back vibe to the place.  I was seated in the back where I was able to view the mini bayou.  I loved the windows here  because it provided great natural lighting. (Which I absolutely love). This is the type of place you could easily go and brunch solo or with a small group. It seemed a bit too Intimate for a large group. Perhaps my take on the atmosphere would be different had the weather been more sunny, the rain just made it more demur. I could easily go back to wine, read , and dine. They did have a great wine selection, which I’m sure provides perfect pairings for  the assortment of  wild game served.

Duck Gumbo

As I waited on my friend I glanced over the menu which surprisingly had most traditional brunch entrees but with a slight twist. To my chicken and waffle eaters , sorry . If you are a big meat eater  , well this a place for you. They serve lobster, crab, sea bass, smoked salmon, quail , duck, pork, and of course beef. I started out with the duck gumbo which was actually tasty. It was infused with different flavors giving it its own unique taste from the traditional . The portion size was not big at all, which makes it a great starter option. 

For my meal, of course , I ordered the crab cake. It came with pieces of bacon which honestly made the crab cake come to life. The bacon added texture and flavor. I do consider myself a crab cake enthusiasts so my rating would be a 7 on a scale from 1-10. 


Rosti Potato Wedge (smoked salmon)

Once my friend arrived she ordered the Rosti potato wedge which they hashed the potatoes and topped it off with smoked salmon and creme’ fraiche . Of course we shared entrees. I loved how the textures came together however the flavor didn’t blend as well as I expected . It was missing something….. Hot sauce perhaps . Nonetheless, the dishes we had were good . I would certainly go back and try something different on the menu. 

My overall experience here was nice , there was no wait and our waiter ,Stoney ,was pretty awesome all around! The mimosas were pretty good especially for $2 per glass

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