Tiptoe Tuesday in Faux Fur

Temps went back up so decided to get some Christmas shopping done. Wanted to be comfy yet presentable considering I had a few errands to run. Heels are just not my reality during the week unless I have social plans in the evening.  I opted for my favorite (no iron) Tie-die harem pants that I got from American Aparrel  years ago. I absolutely love these pants and just won’t let them go. I wanted to try a different look with them so grabbed my boyfriend shirt dress  to wear over my t-shirt . I wanted to be prepared for Houstons flaky weather. Of course I was going to throw on a hat .(tis the season) I generally don’t like a flimsy brim on my fedora/ Panama hats , but I loved the color of it and I believe it was on sale at Target  when I bought it.  I was scuffling around for shoes and then remembered I had just finished upgrading my “click clacks” as my friends like to call them.😂 I knew the brown in the feathers would tie my look together!

So I bought these shoes earlier this year from Asos and they have literally been collecting dust. I had already planned  tto jazz them up but as usual .. I got distracted with life. I walked into Zara  one day and saw a cute pair of Faux fur vamp sandal  .. I picked them up to buy them until I thought about the abandoned ones I had at home. Didn’t make much sense to buy them when The weather was changing and I could just recreate my own version. 

Making the shoes were a breeze, however finding the fur I would use was not. I went to about four craft stores until I found this one at Joanne’s Fabric Store . (which has become home due to other projects) I knew I should have went there first 🙄. This was no science project , I mean it literally took me  5 min to do with the exception of waiting on my glue gun to warm up. I played around with the placement but wanted to keep it simple so just lined the piece of fur along the tip of the shoes ,cutt, glue’d, and viola !!

If you are looking to create or rock something similar here are a couple of great finds for under $50.

Harem pants:

Curvy girl harem

Regular fit harem

The extreme harem ( my favorite 😍) there are plenty more on Etsy

Boyfriend shirt dress:

Casual button up boyfriend shirt (super functional)

Tie front boyfriend shirt (Super cute)

Shoes:The pointed glitter heel (most similar to mine)

Black n white version

The Pom Pom


American eagle hat (Can be worn with almost anything)

 Happy shopping and Be beautiful  people 😘

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A mother and entrepreneur finding balance through artistic expression.

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