Creating Cheap chic Spaces!

Do you ever get frustrated when trying to decorate your new home ? Lord knows I do! You want your place to make a statement , but you are not ready to spend Zgallerie money . I have always had  expensive taste (I think it’s genetics lol) , but not always the budget to match ,or at least the willingness to spend the money.
I never liked the idea of moving besides the fact I get to create a “new “living space. Initially ,the project is fun,until I find myself spending / wasting too much money on items or decor projects that  I did not use .From my first college apartment to my first house, I always seemed to make it cute , but I wasted a lot of time and money.

When moving into my current home I decided to take a different approach in decorating. I wanted my space to look modern and expensive without having to cash out my life insurance policy ,so I sat down and strategized my plan of attack. These five components  helped me create a simple blueprint for executing my home decor .

My Pinterest board!! @torishalea
1.  Create an Inspiration board

  I took the design style test off of Zgallerie’s website. I wanted to hone in on my personal aesthetics so that I could stay foccussed , and know what to search for. I went for my trusted inspo sites Pinterest and Houzz to create my inspiration boards . Here I was able to see the commonality in all my images. Comparing images can serve as a way to see what catches our eye more. I also took in consideration  how I wanted to feel in that space , and how functional I wanted my space to be. These two variables are very important because you don’t want to go wasting money on a pretty vase  if you have a toddler. You also don’t want to come home to a yellow wall when you desire a calm and peaceful environment.  Inspiration boards can set the tone or mood you are currently in which will be highly reflective in your space. It serves as your decor guide!!

I utilized most of these items from my last apartment
2. Inventory

Now that you have set the tone and look of your space go around the house and look for items you may already own that can be used . Most of the time we have stuff that we either don’t use or can re-use. Old candles, picture frames, pillows all have the possibility to get an upgrade, which will be cost effective .  Depending on how far you are going ,decor wise, you can now create a budget .

Gotta have a trusty calc!!

3. Budget

Okay so you now have a list of projects to do and items needed to achieve the look.  Now you can search the tools, items, and supplies needed online and use those prices to create a HARD budget (maximum amount to spend ). This budget will obviously vary for some, but it will keep you in line by helping you to prioritize what’s needed vs wanted. Remember you do not have to buy everything all at once. Sometimes the missing pieces to our design style can be found while traveling or an art show. So keep you budget realistic and keep it over a period of time. Over time you will see that some of the items in your inventory can be revamped which also reduces the “need” list.

Reupholstered and spray painted the legs on this ottoman I had been having for a while! Used it as my coffee table


This is by far my favorite part because I looove to create! I am able to relieve some stress while gain a sense of accomplishment. Most of my friends know that I am the spray paint queen . I will spray any damn thing 😂. You can turn old frames into new rose gold ones!!(currently obsessing over). You can paint old wood, re-cover  old throw pillows, and /or , most importantly , reupholster  furniture items. In the world of Diy blogs , tv shows, and YOUTube  , you have such a major advantage in doing a lot of projects yourself.  Most of my home decor consist of DIY projects. Ok so now we are in the groove and we see our space coming along , now we just need to shop for a few key items or some simple styling accent pieces. This is probably the easiest but hard part because every piece counts in terms of your budget and style choices. 

Pillows and fur throw are from At Home and Ikea.

5. Shop Savvy

Through my experiences in decorating I have found that it can be overwhelming if you go in too forceful . Your  space does not have to come together in one day or in one weekend . As mentioned, this is how we go over the budget.   Instead take your time and do random visits to Target,IKEA, AtHome(former garden ridge), Hobby lobby , or Home Goods(Marshalls /TJMaxx).  Great shopping days for these places are Tues-Thursday because this is when new inventory are out out weekly . In addition these places will have great accent alternatives vs. the Zgallerie splurge. Sometimes you will find discounted Zgallarie products in Ross or Marshalls Homegoods.   If you are not feeling the store runs , opt for (They have everything)

I actually love how my living room space is coming along . I’m still shopping for things as I see them ,adding character one piece at a time.  I used this method when creating my bedroom as well and excited to show you how I did it!! If you would like to know how I accomplished these looks in my home stay tuned !

              Happy shopping and 

               be Beautiful people! 😘


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