Modern Artifacts !

Temperatures finally dropped in Houston this weekend so I was somewhat excited because I could actually wear some of my seasonal inventory . I remember at an early age I absolutely hated turtlenecks!! I did not like the concept of anything on my neck .(im extremely ticklish) Now , I love the idea of a turtleneck. It’s super chic and sexy when worn with fitted skirts, blazers , and /or with nice pants. This particular day I layered this H&M turtleneck under an old t -shirt dress. I purchased 2 turtlenecks for the season because it does not stay cold in Houston long enough to indulge .  

Last week I attended RAW Houston, an event showcasing art  from local artists and surrounding areas. I came across a jewelry vendor named Heather (ModernArtifacts) who was extremely pleasant and obviously passionate about her pieces  I could not help myself but to leave with this Crecentum necklace . I had been looking for a daily necklace I could wear and possibly layer in the future. The fact it was in my favorite color was an added bonus!

I planned on attending my typical Sunday festivities so wanted to be uber comfortable. My Zara leggings  were an easy choice because they are worm and easy to maneuver in. Agitated by the wind piercing my skin, I knew I could not handle another discomfort so heels were out of the question . I was already working with an all black canvas so hey why not my boots . I absolutely love my Fringe Zara boots not only because they are cute and comfy but I got them on sale for a rediculius price. Zara’s sale will be coming up soon so save up your Christmas coins! Currently my Navy Topcoat is my go-to coat.. I somehow don’t remember where I got it from but I have found some others so be sure to shop below .

In the world of adulting there is nothing more better than this Minaudière bag from Zara. I was soo drawn to this bag . It took me back to a moment of child hood, which at times I desperately miss. I love statement pieces , as you all are discovering ,so what better way than to say “quit being soo serious “. Another great thing about this bag is its functionality. The color is neutral so I can wear it year round, and this makes a great shopping , night out, or travel purse. It was worth every dollar. If you have not figured it out by now , I looove hats! I mean yeah they come in handy for bad hair days , but they always seem to be the finishing touch for me. A hat always has something to say. I got this hat from a holiday social the Southern Gents were having showcasing their fall/ winter collection.  They specialize in Men’s Aparrell and accessories ,but that means nothing to me as I always dibble in the men’s section. Check out their latest hat collection or get this same one👇🏾.

Shopping List:

Black fringe boots overstock  another option Nasty gal under 100$ bucks

Oasap navy wool coat or Yes style coat (this one is super chic with a great price)
Southern gents Grey hat (the exact same hat I have.. Lucky you)
Turtleneck black and white but you can other options as well
H&M black sweatshirt dress or  this 
Asos oversized Tshirt dress which is super cute and a dope alternative!!
Zara body shaping leggings ( I swear by these leggings for warmth, quality ,and support!)
Minaudière bag from Zara(I was unable to get direct link but it’s under bags… Be patient and you may catch it on sale!)

Crecentum necklace From modern Artifacts (I truly adore Heathers handcrafted pieces and will def order more.. She custom makes things as well)😉

Happy Shopping 

And be Beautiful People

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