5 ways to Declutter Your Life

So the year is finally coming to an end and boy has it gone by fast. I feel like as I get older the years are just going by faster and faster. We don’t get the time (well .. Take the time) to sit and really take an inventory of our lives! With our day to day tasks and responsibilities we tend to consume baggage. This can consist of thoughts, people, emotions , and plenty of tangible items . We operate in a space of “I will deal with it later” at times , neglecting the very things that  lead to stress. I personally know stress all too well. I have always managed to put more on myself than I could handle , often having a toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

After realizing my stressors and the patterns that followed, I knew it was time to make some changes. I knew this was not going to happen overnight , but I figured if I took baby steps that I could start releasing myself from some unwarranted stress. I remember writing down areas of my life where I felt somewhat consumed and/ or unorganized . Realizing the simplicity in attacking these stressors was monumental for me. So I decided to do a life Purge. Dumping out extraneous things that no longer belonged or fit into my life. I targeted five areas that may help you start fresh for the new year . 

1.)Closet /Storage

      This process comes the easiest for me. I have never really had a problem getting rid of clothes and or reorganizing my things. I actually find it fun.  Sometimes holding on to old clothes  and random junk can imply  you are hanging on to an old you. We tend to associate things with a period of time and/or the space  we were in at that moment.  It’s no longer “that moment”, embrace  YOU today.  Get rid of some of those threads you don’t wear and can not fit. You can donate or sell them, either way you get a reward in cash or being a blessing to someone else.  This applies to storage as well.. Why are we holding on to things that are in STORAGE? I get some things can be utilized or sentimental but be real with yourself ; are those items adding any wealth or value to your life ?   No? I didn’t think so. DUMP, and  reorganize your space  in a way that makes it easy to navigate .  You may be able to down grade your space reducing your storage bill!! (Another financial win). Being able to find that skirt for the next interview or to find some needed files in storage with ease reduces potential stress ; you  already have a Mental note of where everything is. Edit

2. Media (Phone/Laptop)

     In the world of technology, iCloud , and gigs bytes ,we consume soo much on our media devices. I get annoyed when I am looking for a picture and I have to go through a million pics to find the one I am looking for. Additionally,  it can be a hassle looking for an important document in my email or documents folder on my laptop. Determined to gain control ,  I went through all my email accounts and deleted  unimportant/ spam emails while organizing the important ones. Now I can manage my emAils as they come in, while unsubscribing one company at a time lol. On my phone I deleted contacts, pictures, Apps, and other things that consumed my data usage. Aren’t you tired of getting that “Need more storage ” message? Somewhat like your closet or storage, phones, laptops , and other media devices can store JUNK!

3. Debt 

 Im sure this  is one of the number one causes of stress. No one enjoys being in a financial rut. I absolutely hate debt in any form. I don’t even like owing my parents. (Who could care less) But I have found ways to tackle my past debts which were always rewarding. This honestly was one of the biggest things that aided in my stress relief. When I sent Sallie Mae that last check ……(πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎ) … I felt like sprinting down church pews. Find a financial advisor, podcast or book to help you on your financial journey. I’m reading a few now!!😊

4. People 

     Now you and I both know you have some spring cleaning to do in this area. lord knows I had a hard time with this one . But when I looked at some of my stressors, I realized it was some toxic energy I was wrapping myself in. This energy could be friends, family, or your current/ ex boo thang. (Whatever their title is/was in your life). Perhaps , like me ,you didnt see yourself growing and needed a shift in the people you surround yourself with . These people just no longer add value to your life. This may be hard but it’s damn healthy. We don’t realize how much transference of energy consumes us until we are an emotional wreck. I’m not saying to go and completely cutt everyone off your toxic shit list, (although there may be a few who deserve to be)but slowly start distancing yourself. They will fall into their place organically.  Place yourself amongst the people who you look up to. Cultivate relatiinships with others who are on the same playing field as your current state. As the saying goes People  come in your life for a reason, SEASON, or lifetime.  Is it Spring time or naw? πŸ‘€

5. Mind

   Sometimes we just need a mental break. We need to purge our thoughts.  Whether it be on paper, note app, or to a therapist/ friend, a mental cleanse is necessary. As a creative , this is a MUST! I think a lot and constantly , so using my notes app or notebook to journal my thoughts and ideas really help. I also utilize a planner that helps me facilitate my tasks. I may not complete them all but I rarely forget them because I have written them down. This same practice works for my short term and long term goal planning. Over the years journaling has been very rewarding and therapeutic. I get to write down my emotions and feelings about what I am currently going through in life. With this, I get to look back and reflect. This aids in my growth. You can also write down your prayers! Our mental health is the epicenter of our behaviors and patterns.  

Each of these areas helped me in their own little way  whether it was a small finacial reward or a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps these methods may not work for you, but i do know that indirectly all of these aspects have some type of psychological effect on our conduct and habits. What we consume whether it’s tangible , or emotional affects our mental state . Clearing out inessential “things” can be the beginning of a healthy fresh start. The new year is approaching , you don’t have to wait until the 1st to start taking control. How will you Declutter your life for 2017?

Happy cleaning Beautiful People 😘

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A mother and entrepreneur finding balance through artistic expression.

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