The Calm in Cabo

Soooo yes I have been in vacation and recovery mode for the last two weeks so excuse my absence. I started the new year with a cold- virus that I’m sure was a warning for me to sit my ass down. I had been soo consumed with work , being a mommy, social life, the blog and planning for the 2017 that my sleeping habits were completely non existent . So I rested as much as I could until it was time for my vacation!!!!!!

I was planning this nice quick getaway to Tulum, Mexico but the weather was just exactly what I didn’t need. It had been two years since my last vaca and I was not going to be sick and couped up in a room because of rain. So San del Jose  Cabo ,Mexico it was!

Cabo was lovely , considering it was in its “winter month”.  Temps  hit high in the 80ies while getting down to the mid to low 60ies at night. There was a nice breeze during the day that kept you cool and calm. I was a bit shocked at how under developed and small the city was. This city is definitely made for tourism as the coast was filled with resorts and hotel chains with few things in between. I did see a SAMs and Walmart though .

I stayed at the Cabo Azul Resort in San del Jose Cabo, Mexico. It’s basically a small city next to Cabo San Lucus which was pretty much up the road. The resort was really nice and quite affordable. This makes an easy trip for family and/or friends. The food was not that great but customer service was good (not great ) and property was well kept and clean. I would for sure go back to this spa resort. There was not much to do besides the typical vacation excursions. As I stated its a small city so no landmarks peaked my interest. There was a mini shopping center a cross the street from the resort but nothing worth mentioning except for the Fish Therapy spa place. 

When going to Cabo you can exchange Usd for pesos but I didn’t . I mainly paid exact cash and used my card. If you are not hip to the exchange rate they will try and get over . When Transporting to your resort of hotel be sure to see if they have their own shuttle if not you can take the Public Bus or buy a oneway with TransCabo for around $12 bucks. The kicker is that they only do one way because most hotels have contracts with the taxi company . The taxi are pretty much the guarantee transportation back to the airport. This can be expensive if traveling alone . 

This experience by far was one of the craziest things I’ve done. I’m totally fine not doing it again lol. 

As I stated , I was not feeling well (what a way to start a vaca huh?) so I spent my first day resting up by the pool and in my room. The remainder of the days I was a complete beach bum! The sun literally was draining the virus right out of my body because by Saturday noon I was fully energized.  I did some reading (Dave Ramsey Financial Makeover) , some writing , some sleeping, and listened to some new podcasts. I’m sure you guys are thinking I didn’t do much of anything but that is exactly what I needed. NOTHINGNESS!

In my reality I’m always juggling LIFE so I certainly needed this time away. This was some ME -time long over due. Though I enjoyed solitude , it certainly would have been nice to have been there with my daughter or perhaps my family. 

 Everyone seemed to be on the same  wave and though children played and people of all ages roamed the city…. You still felt a sense of calm.  It seemed to be a weekend where everyone was temporarily escaping their reality! 

Back to my reality! 

Where will be your first escape for 2017 Beautiful people?

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