Who gone Brand Me boo!

What a perfect way to bring my first look in the New Year! This past weekend I semi- celebrated my sorority Founders Day! Couldn’t this outfit not be more than perfect!  Clearly ,Houston can not make up its mind in what season it wants to be in so I find myself packing a jacket everywhere I go. 

I have been having this “Blush ” moment for a while now , which is crazy because I have NEVER been a pink type of girl . I have recently found myself drawn to this color and rose gold , pairing it with darker    Hues of blues and violets. (Ooolaaala as I think about it) . A bit romantic ehh! πŸ‘€.  During my seasonal shopping spree at H&M , I came across this Blush turtleneck   I had every intention on utilizing it as a layering / transitioning piece. It’s pretty light weight and somewhat sheer so I know it would work with just about anything in my closet .  

I had my eye out on this Men’s bomber jacket as I had seen it one day while shopping at Target. I had been wanting an oversized jacket to do a DIY statement jacket so I knew this would be the perfect  piece . I was inspired by  Sonique Saturdays statement jacket That Eryka Badu wore for the Soul Train Awards show .I’m not one to copy, but I wanted a statement of my own. While running around target for this jacket I saw the Blush tulle skirt and immediately wanted to pair it with the jacket. If you can’t tell from other posts I love mixing  men and women clothing. It’s my fashion balance as I am obsessed with men’s fashion. 

It would have been typical for me to rock my nude pumps but I wanted a different element to the look so rocked my Clear Perspex booties from Public Desire .  Soo many people despise these boots but I love them and having a hard time not ordering the Thigh high version of this shoe. It’s clear how can it not go with just about anything. I’m short so that about the only thing stopping me lol. Most probably are shrieking at the idea… But I have always been different . (Kanye shrug).

I must say I am super excited about 2017 and where I see myself going in terms of finances , career , and of course the blog!! I have been a little MIA but all for a good cause of planning and organizing my life. As I frequently state I’m all over the damn place so planning is essential for me. 

I plan to take a better stance in branding myself and my blog this year.  I started this blog with no end goal simply because I just wanted it to blossom on its own. As I go about this blogger life,( which can be a bit much and intimidating) I realized that I wont always have the most likes or followers,  nor will the people I consider friends truly support me. I won’t let the numbers stop me…..instead I will continue to bring raw style and random ass content about life and womanhood. LoL…

I’m still learning this “Branding” thing as I feel this term is soo overused.  πŸ™„ But thought I would kick off the year in Style while Promoting myself. Doesn’t hurt that I can throw up a pinkie while doing it ! πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ˜‰

Shop the look while all items are under 50 bucks! 

Tulle skirt  (target ) another option Here
Men’s bomber jacket (target) or This H&M cutie
Blush turtleneck (H&M ) or This forever 21 turtleneck
Clear Perspex bootie (public desire) or This nude bootie!! if you are not feeling the clear. 
Thigh high boots
Happy shopping Beautiful People! 😘

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A mother and entrepreneur finding balance through artistic expression.

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